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Are you looking for second hand auto parts in Columbia? Are you fed up of visiting various Columbia junk yards? Then brace yourself, you have come to the most relevant place on the web. Here are Columbia Used Auto Parts we are always ready to serve you with the best used auto parts for your precious vehicle. Now you don’t have to go to other junk yards to search for the most suitable part for your car, here we have large inventory where we have almost all the parts of all models and make ready for yourself. Just because we say it junk yard, it doesn’t mean that it is filled with junk stuff, they are precious pieces of metal ready to fulfill the demand and need of any car owner.


Columbia Used Auto Parts has been in the business for last fifteen years and have one of the largest junk yards in Atlanta GA. You won’t find such large inventory anywhere else, this is our guarantee and we will serve you best, this is our commitment. With the experience and large inventory of Columbia Used Auto Parts you can be sure that you will always find what you are looking for. If you want your car ready, up and running as soon as possible, then we are the ones you should be contacting. Don’t waste another precious day of your life visiting any other Columbia junk yard, just give us a call and let us take care of the rest for you. We have a large network across the country through which we can arrange any part if not available in our junk yard. One more thing, you can find us near you in the time of emergency.

you must be thinking that everyone is offering the same stuff and what makes us different from others. The answer is, we know how to treat customers and how to give them priority. When you work with Columbia Used Auto Parts, our well experienced, friendly and technically sound staff will ensure that you will get satisfied with our efforts. Our 24/7 support network also makes us stand out among others.

We being the biggest junk yards in Atlanta GA have highly dedicated staff which work for the common benefit of the company and client. this include highly technical and qualified technicians one could have. The company believes in the growth of employees as well.

We are recognized as the most reliable Junk Yards in Atlanta GA having the most dedicated customer care staff that fulfill the demand of our customer in every possible way and try to delight the customer with most suited solutions.

When car reaches our Atlanta salvage yard, our team of professionals comb over every vehicle with due care and determine what parts are usable and what are not. Whole process is environment friendly as well.


Our competitors in the market and industrial sector are baffled as to high success rate that our company has developed as one of the largest Junk Yards in Atlanta GA in such a short amount of time. They are craving for the solutions for the uncountable issues that they encounter in their processes. Still, we as a company relish the challenges that come in front of us as that are our main intentional goal to remove such barriers from the front and move continuously to the upper level. Columbia Auto Parts has changed the Atlanta salvage yard sector for the better by taking huge strides in the right directions.


If you are still wondering whether you should contact us or not, then you should clear all your doubts and give us a call. Our representative will be in touch with you soon. And we will be solving all your auto parts related problems. We guarantee that you will not find the inventory in any Columbia Junk Yards like we have.