Five Valuable Tips Before Purchasing Car Tyres

Some people may think that the only essential function of tyres is to carry the body a car and nothing more. But clearly that not the case, tyres are vital for safe driving and apart from carrying the body the car, they provide grip for acceleration and braking. Moreover, it also provides traction on the road to prevent skidding and spinning out on icy or wet roads. So before getting tyres for your vehicle, you better make sure that you getting the best tyres available in the market. So to make sure that you’re getting the right tyres for your vehicle, here are some tips that you should keep in mind before purchasing.


1) Know When You Need to Get Your Tyre Replaced:

Frequently perform a quick visual inspection and see if there are any cracked sidewalls, bulging or discoloration. And in case you find any, it’s probably time for you to get new ones. Always remember that not replacing your tire at the right time can lead to unwanted incidents.

2) Get The Right Size:

Inspect your tires to see if there is any sign of uneven wear which might lead to the possibility of suspension or alignment issues. In order to get the right ones for your car, make sure the size of a tire is listed on its sidewalls in a sequence like P265/70R16. Also, ensure that the new tires you’re getting should match what’s mentioned in your owner’s manual or car door jamb.

3) Don’t Get Bluffed 

At some tyres shop you will find old stocked tires, but they are kept in such condition that you would believe that those are new. So always check the age code to make sure you don’t end up buying the ones that are several years old.

4) Learn The Lingo.

Before purchasing tires it’s better to have a good understanding of how many types do tires come and which one you exactly need for your car. Note that the ‘’All-season’’ tire is a popular and wise choice for the majority of drivers. However, ‘’high-performance’’ are also among favorites of car drives.

5) Know The Art Of Bargain. 

Many branded tires may be expensive, but the rates of all of them are not fixed. This means there is always a roam to bargain. The auto dealer or small garage near your place will likely offer you zero or low discounts and claiming a good profit margin. So make sure that while purchasing tires, you put some effort into bargaining to get discounts.

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