How to Buy Brake Pads – A Few Tips

Brakes are, without a doubt, the most important component of your vehicle.This is what makes it imperative that keep them serviced and inspected regularly. However, despite this, many people overlook regular maintenance of their brakes and this often results in accidents, as what good is a car that can’t stop? Keep in mind that just like accelerating, the ‘stopping’ part is the most important thing when driving.

Therefore, whenever you take your vehicle for regular maintenance checks, have the brakes inspected thoroughly to determine if the brake pads require replacement or not. Usually, manufacturers will offer a range of pads for each application, but every brake pad should be certified and meet the demands of normal driving. Visit the if you’re planning to replace your brake pads. If so, then these tips on how to buy brake pads might just prove useful:

Determine Vehicle Type

When it comes to buying brake pads, it is imperative that you first determine is the type of vehicle you own.This is because brake pads are typically designed for different types of vehicles. For example, a SUV cannot use the same brake pads as a minivan or a full-size pick-up truck. In simple words, every brake pad is designed to meet a particular vehicular classification to ensure fine-tuned performance.

Generally, you can take a look at your vehicle’s handbook to determine the type. However, if you don’t have a handbook, you can always consider searching online. Otherwise, experienced mechanics or knowledgeable employees at an automotive parts store can also help buyers determine the type of their vehicle along with the range of brake pads that would work best with them.

Assess Your Driving Needs

In addition to the vehicle type, you need to assess your driving needs in order to purchase the right brake pads for your vehicle. For every driving need, there is a fine-tuned brake pad available. For example, for people driving in particularly mountainous or hilly areas or towing heavy loads, a heavy-duty or upgraded pad may prove necessary.

However, if you use upgraded pads for normal driving,they are likely to respond with a harder pedal feel, be noisier, or product more dust. Therefore, if you don’t have much weight to haul on a regular basis and just need brake pads for commuting, a ceramic or organic brake pad will provide you all the stopping power you need, while maintaining quiet performance. For high performance vehicles, usually semi-metallic brake pads are used, as they provide additional stopping power.

Buy Brake Pads with Certified Labels

Now that you have finally determined the vehicle type and assessed your driving needs, it is imperative you buy the right brake pads or buy brake parts that come with certified labels. This ensures that your brake pads meet all federal and government regulations and performance standards for a minimum stopping distance in a variety of situation.Some of the best brake pads to buy include those certified by Dual Dynamo meter Differential Effectiveness Analysis (D3EA) and Brake Effective Evaluation Procedure (BEEP).

So, now that you are familiar with the tips mentioned above, buying brake pads won’t be a problem. To ease the whole process, you can also consider buying brake pads online.