Top security features for cars

As an expensive asset, cars can be a major target for thieves. While you can’t guarantee that your vehicle won’t be targeted, there are a wide variety of high-tech security options available that can significantly reduce the risk of harm to you and your vehicle. Car security experts Armoured Shielding have outlined a few of the key features that you should consider to help secure your vehicle and deter would-be thieves.

Locking wheel bolts

One of the most common car related thefts involves rims and tyres. Locking wheel bolts are fast becoming one of the most popular security features and are now standard for most new car models. Attaching these bolts to your car makes it nearly impossible for a thief to quickly remove any part of your wheels. If your vehicle does not have locking wheel bolts, don’t worry, you can easily buy and install them yourself.

Tracking devices

Tracking devices are arguably the most effective way to keep your car safe and secure. Utilising GPS technology, they work by linking up to a transmitter that is discreetly hidden on your vehicle. If your car is stolen, your tracking company can then accurately pinpoint the exact destination of your vehicle. Tracking devices come as a standard for most high end vehicles; however, you can easily install one yourself if security is a priority.


Another way to secure your vehicle is through the use of an electronic immobiliser. These built-in transponders or microchips send signals to the ignition and fuel-pump systems to stop the car when activated. The advantage of this security feature is that even if a criminal does manage to gain access to your car, when they attempt to drive it without these signals, the car will not start.

Enhanced Protection Glazing (EPG)

Enhanced Protection Glazing is a laminated sheet of glass that can be fitted to any window of the car. Designed to prevent smash-and-grab car theft, the sheet is much harder to break through than a standard window and the noise and time it takes to shatter it will in many cases be enough to deter a time sensitive thief. This laminated glass also helps to minimise interior noise, block out UV light, and reduce the severity of a crash by providing extra resistance to the windows.

Of course, EPG, immobilisers, tracking devices and locking wheel bolts are just a few of the many security features that can help protect you and your vehicle.