Tips to Keep Your Car Looking Great

Driving a newly-washed and waxed car feels like a wonderful, fresh breeze in the middle of a mundane day. Keeping your car looking sleek and shiny can be both fulfilling and fun, and having your car look great reflects on you as well. Car care can run the gauntlet from a quick wash every few months to a full detail on a routine basis, but basic care is simple and effective if done on a routine basis.

Most of the battle is simply washing your car regularly. Soaping up your car in the driveway over the weekend can be relaxing, and washing it every week actually helps maintain the new-car look. Grime that accumulates over time, like bird droppings or road tar, will eat away at the car’s paint if not washed away quickly. While you may not need to wash your car every time you drive down the street, clean off acid-containing grime spots before they have a chance to ruin the finish. Use soap intended for car washes, which is formulated to not strip away the wax finish. Always wash from top to bottom, and move your sponge in lines instead of circles. Make sure that the sponge is completely clean between rinses and washes. Wax the car after you finish washing it, although you may not need to do this every week. Use a protectant on the plastic moldings

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If you want your car to look like it just rolled off the assembly line, consider a full detail. The service includes touching up blemishes, sanding, filling, and repainting large scratches that go down to the metal. This is best left to experts at an auto body shop, rather than trying to do the job yourself. Other detailing services may include a complete clean of the interior or sanding the headlight covers down to return them to perfect clarity.


Once your car is squeaky clean, make sure to maintain it well. If you can, park inside or under an overhang. Avoid gravel roads if possible, as loose bits of rock and dirt can quickly chip away at your paint and even dent the body. Clean off bird droppings quickly, and loosen tar or buildup from road construction with water to make it easier to remove. Don’t eat in your car, or if you do remove trash and food residue quickly. You may not notice food smells after a while, but to your friend riding with you, that half-eaten burger in the back seat is not his favorite air freshener. By following these tips, you can keep your car looking great, regardless of its can buy used auto body parts in very less to keep your car functional all the time.