9 Ultimate Safety Tips for Drivers

In today’s time, we all know how necessary it is to own a car. Be it a 5 min drive or somewhere far, the burning heat, and comfort of the car forces us to own one. But before we, drivers go on the road, one should be aware of the general rules/safety tips. With comfort and leisure, comes also the responsibility not only to yourself but also to other citizens on the road.

seatbelt1- First things first – protect yourself in a seat belt!

Drivers should always have the habit of wearing a seat belt in case any mishap occurs. It gets extremely crucial on roads where cars touch high speeds. It’s good to be cautious before it’s too late!

2- Switch off your mobile phones and any other distracting electronic devices:

Driving a car is a big responsibility of not only yourself but also those sitting beside and behind you. Hence, it is a good practice to switch off or keep on silent all the electronic devices in order to avoid any distractions that could result in bad accidents.

3- Be patient!

Car drivers who keep honking for no reason do no use but create noise pollution and are a source of disturbance to homes around, and people who are crossing by. Hence, be patient while driving and wait for your turn!

traffic signals4- Never get tempted to break rules or traffic signals:

Traffic signals are for our ease and benefit. If followed strictly, it helps smooth flow of cars with minimal accidental problems and hence, helps in saving thousands of lives.


5-Keep your distance right:

It is always advisable to maintain some distance between cars. Around 3 seconds distance is usually what is preferred. This is encouraged in case the car in front uses sudden breaks or loses control; the distance will help you save from major calamities.

6- Keep checking:

Better take the necessary precautions than regret later. Always keep checking your front, back and side mirrors while driving, while taking turns or reversing. It helps and saves your car from small damages.

7- MELT –Minimum Eye Lead Time:

On urban roads, one should be scanning the road 12-15 seconds ahead to be precautions and be safe at all times.

8- Park smartly:

Make the most of the space available so that not only you but others can benefit. Care for others!

9- Maintain your car:

Make sure to have a habit of maintaining your car up to the car. Any sudden breakdowns could result in serious damages.


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